Christmas card designs!!

I did some custom card designs for a few people last year, so I thought I’d give it another shot this year.  In an effort to make these designs more affordable, I have decided to create a variety of premade designs.  All you have to do is choose your design, send me your picture and wording, and I will send you a high-quality jpeg file that you can print on your own.  All cards are designed on a template from Vista Print for a 5x7 flat card.  You can click here to see pricing.  I have ordered all of my printed cards and invitations from them for about the last 2 years, and highly recommend their services.

The price for each card design is $10.  For $12, I can customize your card colors as well.

Here’s what I’ve designed so far, and should be adding soon.  Vista Print usually takes up to 10-14 for standard delivery, so it would be best to order NO LATER THAN the first week of December.  You may also choose to print these locally at Wal-Mart or your favorite photo center. 


Style #1

green pink white dot card_edited-1


Style #2

red blue white dot card_edited-1


Style #3

 grey green pink card


Style #4

grey green pink circle frame 1 card


Style #5

grey green pink square frame 1 card


Style #6

striped gray green pink square frame 1 card


Style #7

striped chocolate green pink square frame 1 card

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