Technical Difficulties

Due to unforeseen technical problems (when are they ever "foreseen"?), I am suspending all blog design effective immediately. If I can find a solution to the problems I am having with Blogger, I will eventually be back in the blog design business. In the meantime, I plan to take some time off and focus on designing other digital products, such as custom card templates and stationery products.

Please check back soon for new digital items! :)

A BIG thanks to all my past clients and hoping I will see you in the future!


  1. Nooo!!!! You have to continue with blog design, you are so fabulous! I will be needing a new design very soon! Hope to hear these technical difficulties will poof be gone! =)

  2. Thanks, Amanda! :) I will consider it IF I ever figure out what their issue is!

    But let me know if you are ever interested in Christmas cards, invites, etc. ;)